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NTN developed a series of tapered bearings FA

NTN has developed a new product line of materials technology had no small impact. Hold the new FA series tapered roller bearings, NTN said it has developed the world''''s first professional in 52100 bearing steel austenite grains produce excellent FA heat flow method.

Bearing steel FA through specialized heat treatment, and compared to ordinary heat treatment, the austenite grain size should be smaller than half. 52100 austenite particles may increase the fatigue strength and a short column strength. By FA treatment, NTN also achieved improvements in materials, and the general level of the relevant bearing, the cross-sectional area is reduced by 40%.

In the case of the original features remain unchanged, 40% reduction in the size of the envelope, which apply to it in the car since it is very important role. For smaller size, and excellent performance of the bearing, the transmission system is critical potential markets. In the FA before the appearance of the fatigue strength of hardened steel standard limits the bearing seals to meet the requirements of smaller transmission.

In addition, when the width of the end face of the load is heavy, FA bearing demonstrated its superior characteristics to prevent being bitten. But in the past, during the heat treatment standard, this is a problem.

In addition to the automotive transmission system, can also be applied in the future FA series gearbox, wheel bearings