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Faucets, valves Thief Wenzhou exports jumped Xinlo

From January to July this year, Wenzhou City, import and export trade amounted to $ 2.452 billion, an increase of 29.44%. Among them, faucets, valves exports leaped into a new bright spot. And shoes, clothing, lighters and other traditional products compared, faucets and valves is particularly rapid export growth. January to July, Wenzhou City, faucets, valves exports of 33.31 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 207.49 percent, close to the traditional export products of Wenzhou lighter exports.
It is understood that the main exporting countries Wenzhou valve as Russia, Poland, Italy. January to July this year, Wenzhou exports to Russia $ 5,360,000, an increase of nearly 30 times. "Metropolis"